UO Project Budget Versions

As of 28th February 2023, five additional columns have been added to the report including Task Manager, Requisition Approver, Subtask Description, Subtask Start Date, and Subtask End Date. All existing schedules for UO Project Budget Versions report will need to be cancelled and new ones created to ensure the latest version of the report is run and your schedules do not error. 


Why run this report?

  • The report is particularly useful in cases where users need to trace budget changes throughout the life of a project.
  • Where applicable, Price Adjustment multipliers are identified against each expenditure category. This data can be used for reporting and reconciliation purposes.

When should you run this report?

  • This report can be run as needed for checking the current and historical budgets for a specific project. 

How to run this report

Report Parameters:

uo project budget versions
  • Due to its complexity, the report can only be run for a single project at a time.
  • Leaving the “Current Flag” parameter blank ensures that the report returns all versions of the budget since the inception of the project.

Which outputs are available for this report?

  • Excel Pivot - designed to make analysis of the data easier, the default layout can be changed once the report has opened in Excel from this output.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • UO Projects Departmental User
  • UO Projects Departmental Enquiry

Hints and Tips

The Price Adjustment percentage values are included in the output so that these figures can be validated.

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