Managing access to Oracle Financials - Overview

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Managing access to Oracle Financials

The University uses Oracle Financials to manage financial activity. Granting and managing appropriate access is therefore crucial to the safety and security of the University's financial information and the integrity of its financial controls.

Oracle Financials is not linked to other systems (e.g. CoreHR) and so proactive and regular access management is needed. 

All staff must meet the requirements of the University's Financial Regulations and Regulations Relating to the Use of Information Technology Facilities.

Note: Once provided, access to Oracle Financials may enable the individual to see sensitive and personal data. The individual must therefore be aware of the requirements for confidentiality in handling University information. The University complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and individuals with access to Oracle Financials must ensure they do not contravene these. Financial or personal information must never be divulged to parties who do not need this in the course of ordinary University business.

This process and associated financial controls have been written in support of the Financial Regulations.


Access requests are managed via a series of forms:

Oracle R12 Add New Shopper

Use this form to:

  • add up to five users to Oracle who only require shopper or reviewer access (UO iProcurement – Shopper, £0.01p & UO iProcurement – Reviewer £0.02p)

Oracle R12 User Access Form 

Use this form to:

  • request access to Oracle R12 for a new user
  • request access for an existing user changing department or team
  • request additional access, or amend existing access, for a user
  • reinstate Oracle R12 access for a returning user
  • amend or remove an end date on a temporary Oracle R12 account for an existing user - e.g. TSS staff or fixed term contractors
  • remove a user from Oracle R12 - e.g. leaver; temporary removal for maternity leave or long term sickness

Authorised Signatory and User Reports Form 

Use this form to:

  • add yourself as an Authorised Signatory
  • remove yourself as an Authorised Signatory
  • change your authorisation level
  • request/remove access to user reports

Tip: How to add access to user reports only

To add user reports only select "add yourself as an authorised signatory" and on the next page select "no authorisation - UO User Access Reports only".


Additional Reporting Tools Access Request form 

Use this form to:

  • request access to SplashBI XL Connect reporting tool
  • request access to SplashGL and SplashGL read only
  • request access to the User Access Dashboard
  • request access to the Month-End Dashboard
  • request access to Budget and Forecasting Tool
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