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Please note that the Pensions Office staff work mainly from home, but are usually in the office on Wednesdays. All written communications should be sent by email if at all possible as post sent to the Office will only be collected weekly. For OSPS queries please email OSPS@admin.ox.ac.uk. Pensions Office staff will be monitoring their own email accounts as well and answering their phones. 



Members who joined the scheme before 1 October 2017 have benefits in the Defined Benefit section. Newer members join the investment-based section of the scheme called Investment Builder, which is largely administered by Legal and General.

In March 2020 the Trustee of OSPS appointed The Tracing Group to help it trace and verify the existence of pensioners and deferred members as part of its audit processes. Pensioners living overseas will be approached by Validentity, which is part of the Tracing Group. Members who are approached by The Tracing Group or Validentity can be assured that the enquiry is genuine and that it is safe to respond.


OSPS is a valuable scheme which provides income when you retire, plus sickness and life assurance benefits.

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The Trustee and the Pensions Office would appreciate any feedback or views on the Scheme, its administration and on information provided to members. Comments on the usefulness of this site would also be welcomed. Please email osps@admin.ox.ac.uk if you have any feedback.

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