Online Payments (Ecommerce)

The University provides the option for customers to pay online.  

It is important that you contact Cashiers for information on how to take online payments, prior to entering into an agreement with an ecommerce provider. There are a number of considerations to take into account, including PCI DSS, GDPR, and whether any new system will integrate with the University’s preferred Payment Providers. In addition, the Information Security Team will need to undertake an assessment of the proposed solution.

The University Online Store is available for use by departments who wish to sell merchandise or services, including Course and Conference Fees.

For departments with more complex needs when organising Conferences and Events, the University has an agreement in place with Cvent.

In addition, the University also has a number of Payment Pathways through WPM Education, who also provide the Online Store software. Use of a WPM Payment Pathway in the transaction process helps to reduce the scope of PCI DSS, and is therefore the preferred method of accepting online payments. Contact Cashiers for further information.

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