Accepting Bank Transfers

The Cashiers manage all Bank Transfers received into the University accounts, including in currency.

Invoiced income
University Invoices issued via Oracle Financials include the correct University bank details to enable customers to pay direct. In all other cases, please refer to the Cashiers before supplying account details to customers.
Always stress to payers that it is their responsibility to quote suitable identifying information (e.g. invoice number) when making a payment, to enable the Cashiers to identify and allocate payments promptly. 
All remittance advices must be sent to the Cashiers. Departments should not ask for them to be sent to an alternative address. Any that are received in departments should immediately be passed on to the Cashiers.

Non-invoiced income
The Cashiers must be alerted to any funds expected where an invoice has not been issued via Oracle. In such cases, it is the responsibility of the department to regularly monitor receipts in Oracle in order to ascertain when such funds have been received. 

Unidentified payments received
There may be occasions when the Cashiers receive an unidentified payment. If, having undertaken relevant investigations, the payment cannot be applied, it will be returned to the payer as ‘Unable to Apply’. 

Payment queries
In some cases, a payment will be identified as having been paid in error, or possibly duplicated. There are two possible solutions:

  1. Return the payment – Cashiers will manage the process. This is only applicable if the whole, rather than part, of the payment is to be returned.
  2. Leave the funds ‘On Account’ – If the payer has a Customer Account in Oracle, the receipt can be applied to their account, to be matched against subsequent Invoices. The Cashiers and AR Teams will manage this process.

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