SplashBI information page

This page is intended to provide you with information on how to navigate around and use, the SplashBI reporting tool.

When a user has completed the training and been granted access to an Oracle responsibility, which allows for reporting, they will automatically be given the SplashBI role too. It is not necessary to request access to SplashBI separately.

The SplashBI role allows reporting on the Oracle module to which you have access, e.g. Projects or Receivables.

For SplashGL access, this will need to be requested and the relevant training carried out, in the first instance (plese see the section entitled SplashGL, below, for further information.

Please note: the Shopper and Reviewer roles do not allow for reporting. If users with these roles want to run reports then access to an enquiry role must be requested, e.g. UO Purchase Order Enquiry. Be aware that further training will be required before this access can be granted.

Please only contact the Financial Service Desk, if the information below does not sufficiently answer your query.

  • Check the parameters are correct and rational for the given report. For example, when inputting the search parameters for the Project Status and Activity Report make sure that you are not looking for a departmental project having asked for research projects
  • Ensure that you use the [TAB] key on your keyboard when moving from one field to the next
  • Ensure all date fields are filled in and that where a date range is needed, that it is correct 
  • Ensure that you are running the report using the correct responsibility
  • Refer to the How To video below 
  • Refer to the training in CoSY

You can view all the available how to video tutorials via the Finance Division YouTube channel or select from the list below.

How to Run a Report in SplashBI


How to Modify and Resubmit a Report in SplashBI

How to Distribute a Report in SplashBI

How to Schedule a Report in SplashBI

How to Run the SplashBI XL Connect Add-in

How to Convert a GL Connect Report to SplashGL Report

I cannot access SplashBI

  1. Please check your password. You should be able to use your Oracle password to access SplashBI
  2. You may already have SplashBI open in another tab or window
  3. Your SplashBI access may have timed-out. Simply refresh the page and log back in using your Oracle password.
  4. If you get a “Do you do not the rights to this responsibility” or still cant get in after try this please contact the Service Desk.

I get an "Exception from HRESULT" error

  1. You are using the SplashXL add-in and are opening previously run reports and trying to refresh the data. Re-create the report in SplashXL
  2. You are using an out of date version of the add in. Log in to the SplashBI homepage and download the latest version.

I get zero rows when I receive my report

  1. Ensure that you have the correct value selected from the list of values in the given parameter
  2. Ensure that you use the [TAB] key on your keyboard when moving from one field to the next
  3. Before clicking 'Submit' ,wait for all relevant fields to populate with the correct values
  4. Run the report under a different responsibility, for example, an 'Enquiry' responsibility.

I cannot run my existing GL reports

  1. You need to convert your old GL reports to the new SplashGL reports. Please watch the How To video on this subject.
  2. Ensure that you are running the latest version of the SplashGL add-in
  3. Ensure that you have taking the SplashGL training, relevant to your access

I don't appear to have a link to download the SplashXL add-in 

  1. Contact the Financials Service Desk, who will then ensure that access is granted.

I do not have the UO SplashBI responsibility on my Oracle menu

  1. Contact the Financials Service Desk, who will then ensure that access is granted.

How do I cancel a report

If you wish to cancel your report for any reason, please take the following steps:

  1. Find the report on your list
  2. Click on the Terminate option and confirm deletion if asked
  3. The icon should change fro Grey to Red  
  4. You can then resubmit the report.


Before you can be granted access to SplashGL, you will need to request access and carry out the necessary training courses.

Existing users of SplashGL will be enrolled onto an additional course, 'Templated Financial Reports (TFRs)', which explains how to use this functionality.

For new users this additional instruction is included in the SplashGL course.

The instruction for Read Only users is in a different course entitled 'SplashGL Read Only'.

About SplashGL specific functionality

Workbooks – these are the replacements for FSG reports these new reports, to be known as Templated Financial Reports (TFRs).  Instructions are included with each one on how to complete the parameters.  Do save a local copy if preferred – any updates to these workbooks will be communicated in the usual way.  They can also be downloaded from the online Reports Library if you experience any issues.

Bursting – this will work similarly to content sets for these replacements to FSG.  Run and save a copy of the report for the parent cost centre (or other parent segment, as appropriate) and then use the Bursting option to produce a tab for each cost centre.  Do review the training materials before using for the first time.

Distribution – this works similarly to Bursting but can be set up to distribute some or all of the generated tabs out by email. Again, run and save a copy of the report for the parent cost centre (or other parent segment, as appropriate) and then use this option to burst and distribute. Do review the training materials before using for the first time and we recommend at this point in time that you only distribute reports at cost centre level.

Reports – these can be used as a simpler option for the FSG replacements but neither Bursting nor Distribution is available for this option.

Please note: For TFRs, data is not updated immediately when posting journals. The balances will be updated each morning and at 12:30.


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