eExpenses project timeline

From 18 October 2021

eExpenses is now live in Social Sciences Division.

From mid-November 2021

eExpenses is now available. The following are all able to access eExpenses:

  • Humanities Division
  • MPLS Division
  • Medical Sciences Division
  • GLAM (Garden, Libraries and Museums)
  • Continuing Education
  • Central UAS departments
  • Three colleges: Kellogg, Reuben and St Cross


The SAP Concur 24/7 Support Desk is your first port of call for queries about using the eExpenses system. Contact them on 0800 389 8758 or via Help within SAP Concur which also offers a chat function.

For issues relating to accessing eExpenses please see Managing access to eExpenses for information on how staff, postgraduate and undergraduate students are set up and the forms needed to add and remove access if required.


Users will be supported by online training and guidance, the Claimant QRG (Quick Reference Guide), the Approver QRG, and the SAP Concur 24 hour support desk (details of which will be published when eExpenses is live).

Previous activity

April 2020: Initial user feedback (proof of concept)

Thanks to everyone from across the University who attended the online demonstrations of the eExpenses system.  Answers to questions raised have been incorporated into the guidance on the following webpages How to claim expenses: staff and studentsHow to claim expenses: people external to the University and How to review and approve expenses claims.

April to October 2020: Data cleansing

A data collection and cleansing exercise has been undertaken to ensure eExpenses is populated with accurate and appropriate information regarding cost codes, project names and the approval hierarchy.  See further information on the eExpenses preparation page.

November 2020: Webinars for HAFs (Heads of Administration and Finance) and PAs 

  • A series of 50 minute webinars for HAFs, or equivalent, were run to help them prepare their colleagues and students for the move to eExpenses. For more information please see the webinar recording (Microsoft Stream) and HAF webinar slides (PDF).
  • We recognise that people in PA and Executive Assistant, and similar, roles often support senior colleagues with the creation of their expense claims.  Therefore, we ran a series of webinars with this group so they know what to expect from the introduction of the new system.  Please see the presentation recording, the targeted short demo of eExpenses (Microsoft Stream) and the PA webinar slides (PDF).

November to December 2020: User acceptance testing

This involves users testing that eExpenses works as it should, from the perspective of both claimants and approvers. A cross section of staff from departments and colleges adopting eExpenses will be asked to complete specific tasks within the system.  A series of scenarios will be tested and this will enable any discrepancies or bugs to be identified and fixed before we launch the system.








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