How to claim expenses: claimants external to the University

New expenses claim form for external claimants

SAP Concur eExpenses is now live in Social Sciences division.  It is also available to the rest of the University but individual departments and participating colleges are choosing when to introduce it, in the window until the existing offline form is retired at Easter 2022.  Do not start using eExpenses until you hear from your department or college that you should do so.  If in doubt, check with your finance or admin team

If you are external to the University please use the offline Expenses Claim Form (Externals) (XLS) for submitting expense claims

If you are external to the University, the offline Expenses Claim Form (Externals) (XLS) should be used. This can be completed electronically and emailed in, or a hard copy can be signed and scanned or posted.


Please complete the form in full. If there is missing information, payment may be delayed while this information is sought.


The University requires supporting evidence for all expense claims. This can be:

  • Original receipt attached to the paper form
  • Scanned receipt attached to an email submission
  • In cases where it was not possible to obtain a receipt or the receipt has been lost, a separate declaration should be made. Other supporting information, such as a credit card statement, should be submitted if possible


Once your claim is complete, you are asked to declare that your expense claim is legitimate. Please read the declaration, then either add your name to the form and email it, or sign a printed form and scan or post it to the relevant department.


If you need advice on whether you can submit a claim or on completing the form, please speak to your contact or the relevant departmental finance team.