Tendering for researchers

The University Purchasing Department has produced a series of short videos to assist researchers in tendering. The videos cover a reminder of the key points to consider when running a tender between £25,000 and £100,000 (excl. VAT); for full process guidance you should refer to the Tender process  . If further training is required the Introduction to Tendering course   is also available.

Video 1 – Why Tender?

  • When to tender
  • Reasons for tendering
  • Tender exemptions

Video 2 – Specify the Need

  • Market sounding (pre-tender)
  • Specification purpose & content

Video 3 – Identify Suppliers

  • Identification of suppliers
  • Supplier due diligence

Video 4 – Invite Tenders

  • Invitation to tender content
  • Managing the tender (timings, questions, pricing, conduct)

Video 5 – Evaluate Tenders

  • Preparing the evaluation model
  • Evaluation and moderation practices

Video 6 – Award Contract

  • Negotiation
  • Contract award
  • Debriefing suppliers
  • Audit trail

Contact details

For further information please contact:
Jo Sibbald (Deputy Director of Purchasing)
Email: jo.sibbald@admin.ox.ac.uk


In order to work properly, these videos must be viewed as a slideshow.