Receive / reject goods or services

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On receipt of goods or services, check the quantity and quality to confirm if you are happy to accept them.

  • Retain signed copies of delivery notes for audit purposes.
  • Where an order was raised in Oracle Financials, log receipt of acceptable goods or services in Oracle by receipting. Receipting confirms that the department is content to pay for the goods/services that have been receipted. Failure to receipt goods or services will result in open purchase orders or invoices on hold
  • Where an order was not raised in Oracle Financials (List of Purchase Order Exceptions to Requisitioning   (DOC), note receipt of the goods or services on your departmental log or system (or alternatively if no log or system exists confirm receipt in writing on the invoice).

Receipting is part of the iProcurement roles in Oracle Financials, e.g. Shopper, Preparer. However to be able to receipt other users purchase orders you will need access to the ‘Goods In’ role. Please refer to the Guidance on Courses page for more detail.

Where delivered goods are unacceptable, take the following actions:

  • segregate rejected goods and do not log their receipt on Oracle Financials;
  • contact the supplier to collect the goods;
  • physically return the goods;
  • record the return in Oracle Financials; and
  • contact the relevant Buyer so that the open purchase order can be dealt with.
The UO Open POs report   can be used to view orders awaiting delivery.

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