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  1. Purchase to Pay
  2. Obtain quotations or tenders
  3. Select a supplier
  4. Order via Internal Trade
  5. Order with a Purchase order
  6. Order without a Purchase Order
  7. Receive/reject goods or services
  8. Process Invoices
  9. Make payment

Preferred suppliers

Departments should seek to purchase from preferred suppliers   where possible. These suppliers have agreed contract terms with the University. The agreements leverage the volume requirements of the University to deliver value for money whilst ensuring that quality, delivery and sustainability considerations are managed, and therefore increasing the use of preferred suppliers is important. Preferred suppliers also have their financial viability reviewed on a periodic basis.

Contracted suppliers

If there are no suitable preferred suppliers departments are encouraged to consider contracted suppliers. Contracted suppliers   have agreed contract terms with the University, but do not meet all the requirements for preferred supplier status.

Other suppliers

If there are no suitable preferred suppliers or contracted suppliers, departments can consider suppliers that already exist on Oracle Financials before asking for a new supplier to be set up but please consider the suitability of the supplier before making the commitment. For example, consider when the supplier was last used. The Purchasing Department   can also be consulted for suggestions.

New suppliers

Appropriate new suppliers may be set up on Oracle Financials (see Supplier Set-Up and Amendments). No specific checks, other than a basic identify check, are undertaken (unless the suppliers are also preferred). It is recommended that as a minimum you complete the checks set out in the Supplier Suitability Checklist   (DOC) to confirm the supplier is suitable to undertake the work and conduct business with the University.

If a supplier requests references or banking details, please pass their request to the Payments Team   who will provide the appropriate information.

Where, exceptionally, it is necessary to make an advance payment in excess of £50,000 (excl. VAT), such payment must only be made upon receipt of an Irrevocable Banker's Guarantee  (DOC) Alternatively, a suitable ESCROW arrangement may be acceptable. Both methods independently guarantee that the University's money is refunded should the goods not arrive for whatever reason.


Authorisation to enter into purchasing contracts is specified in the Financial Regulations, Authority to enter into Contracts (section 1.5).  



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