Guidance on Courses

The training you need depends on your role. For more information, please refer to Training Courses by Role (XLS). 

The tables below set out the available training courses by role.

Course timings

  • Introduction courses take 2 to 3 hours.
  • Online courses take 2 to 5 hours each.

Please select which module you require from the list below

To determine which Accounts Payable role you require see Accounts Payable Activities by Role (XLS)

To determine which Accounts Receivable role you require see Accounts Receivable Activities by Role (XLS)

To determine which General Ledger role you require see General Ledger Activities by Role (XLS)


To determine which Online Stores role you require see Online Stores activities by Module (XLS)


To determine which Projects role you require see Project Activities by Role (XLS)

Viewing and reporting on Projects activities within the Department.


To determine which Purchasing role you require see Purchasing Activities by Role (XLS)


To determine which Internal Trade role you require see Internal Trade Activities by Role (XLS)

To determine which Splash role you requires see Splash Activities by Role (XLS)

Other Finance training courses are available that are not necessary to be granted access in Oracle but may help you with your day to day activities. 

•    Introduction to Tendering Part 1
•    Introduction to Tendering Part 2
•    Invoicing External Sales – Optional Extras
•    Projects Workshop
•    Shopping Optional Extras
•    Tender Exemptions
•    Trading Activities Workshop
•    Trust Funds

For more information on these courses, please contact

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