UO Open POs report

Why run this report?

  • To view all open purchase orders.
  • To view purchase orders that need printing.
  • To view all orders awaiting delivery.
  • To investigate the cause of the non-closure of purchase orders.
  • For a consolidated view of the Open Purchase Order Report (by Cost Centre or by Buyer) reports. It shows purchase orders where goods have:
    • Not been receipted or billed,
    • Not been receipted but have been billed,
    • Been partially receipted and billed,
    • Been receipted and not billed.

How to run this report

Select the following parameters:

uo open po report

This report is recommended for your daily PO print identification, daily report to Goods in (if required) and month end preparation and closure.

Which outputs does this report have?

  • Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • All Reports (Purchasing)
  • UO Buyer Work Centre Reports
  • UO Finance Preparer Reports
  • UO Goods in Reports

Hints and tips

It is recommend that you run this report after running the UO Invoice on Hold and Approved Report and resolving invoices on hold.

Hide columns not required, to make searching simpler, and use Excel's filter functionality to search for various scenarios eg. confirming orders, closed for receiving, uninvoiced blanket orders, etc.

Security on the report will depend on the Responsibility used. 

To see all POs for a department, run as UO Buyer Work Centre. 

The department field and parameter is dependant on a PO identifier, eg. all Food Technology POs will start ZT.

For further information on how to manage open POs, please book on the Managing Open Purchase Orders Workshop.

An output example is now available for this report: Report output example: UO Open POs report  (PDF)

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