University standard terms and conditions

The University’s Financial Regulations (Purchases section 3.1(4)) require all contracts for the purchase of goods and services to incorporate the University’s Standard Terms and Conditions of Purchase or one of the other appropriate standard sets of terms. Where this is not possible (either as a result of having to agree supplier terms or due to the University’s standard terms being amended as a result of negotiation), any high-risk terms must be referred to the University Purchasing Department to ensure appropriate advice is obtained on the implications of agreeing to the non-standard terms.

Guidance on how to select an appropriate set of standard terms is available in the side menu to the right.

In addition, any contractual agreement (under the Chancellor Masters & Scholars legal entity) that contains an uncapped indemnity can only be approved by the Registrar.  

Uncapped indemnities

Uncapped indemnities are a highly undesirable risk position for the University. As per the guidance above contracts containing uncapped indemnities should be referred to the Purchasing Department in the first instance. If it is not possible to remove the uncapped indemnity having exhausted all reasonable avenues a request for approval must be made to the Registrar via their Private Secretary. Any request will need to include: (i) a description of efforts made to negotiate the provision away; (ii) confirmation that the budget holder is prepared to accept the risk of the indemnity; and (iii) an assessment of how likely in practice, the circumstances giving rise to an indemnity are likely to arise.


Contract Versions

It is important that you always download the latest version of any contract template from this web page as these are subject to periodic change and only the current published versions will be up to date.



External Event Booking (to be used when departments book an external hotel/venue for a conference/event)

Intra-Oxford Event Booking (intended to be used when a University department books a venue at a College of the University)