The University is offering selected external suppliers access to Oracle iSupplier. This is a secure, internet-based portal that enables up-to-date, online collaboration and communication between purchasers and suppliers by hosting every aspect of a transaction in one accessible online location.

iSupplier enables suppliers to:

  • view notifications that show whenever a change is made to Oracle iSupplier;
  • view purchase orders, print pdf copies and view attachments;
  • request amendments to purchase orders including delivery dates;
  • review receipts and returns;
  • review invoices and payment history;
  • maintain their own record including addresses, contact and bank details and products and services; and
  • view their own catalogue on Oracle Financials and suggest amendments to their catalogue items.

All amendments submitted by a supplier will need to be approved by the relevant department or University Purchasing Department.

iSupplier training

You can learn more about how to use iSupplier via the Online Knowledge Centre.


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Financial Systems Support Centre


For further support, please contact the Financial Systems Support Centre on:

Tel: +44(0)1865 6 13899