Original BFT 2016 How To's

1. How to ensure yellow input cells are available in payroll planning.pdf
2. How to prepare for journals from GL transaction report - Nov 17.pdf
3. How to make entering the employee ID onto the journal screen easier.pdf
4. How to post a non standard journal that is not on the GL transaction listing.pdf
5. How to look at FTE variances.pdf
6. How to manage a paid as claimed or overtime provision.pdf
7. How to make a projection on a non-standard grade - Nov 17.pdf
8. How to vire payroll budgets with efficiency hint - Nov 17.pdf
9. How to change or add a pension scheme to an employee - Nov 17.pdf
10. How to manage research pay cost forecast to known number.pdf
10a. Making Research Pay  FTE balancing adjustment.pdf
11. How to interpret ytd and full year journal gap.pdf
12. How to select one or a group of employees within payroll using the subset editor - Nov 17.pdf
13. How to ensure yellow input cells are available in Income and Expenditure planning.pdf
14. How to put cost centres across the top of the comparison screen.pdf
15. Breakback explained.pdf
16. How to fix the annual total but amend the monthly profile.pdf
17. How to add a column for ytd comments and save it as a personal subset.pdf
17. How to put ytd and full year on the ledger analysis screen.pdf
18. How to plan with all SoF.pdf
19. How to save a personal selection of natural accounts using sub editor.pdf
20. How to release a reservation.pdf
21. How to deal with error messages about corrupted view.pdf
22. How to enter NHS recharge income.pdf
23. How to make a projection for an employee owned by another department.pdf
24. How remove a maternity pay offset projection.pdf
25. What has changed for add employee and cost code - Nov 17.pdf
26. How to use FTE analysis tab in payroll - Nov 17.pdf
27. How to use the Pension and Grade tab in payroll.pdf
28. How to view variance between Q2F and Q3F.pdf
29. Adding comments at any level of payroll main planning view.docx