Eligibility, arranging travel insurance and registering trip details


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Employees, volunteers and students are eligible for University travel insurance.

  • Employee is any person under a contract of services or apprenticeship, work experience or secondment with the University and includes those employed on a temporary or casual contract. It does not include consultants engaged on consultancy contracts.
  • Volunteer is any person approved as a volunteer by the department and University, acting under the University’s direction and control, and not receiving payment for time either from the University or any other organisation.
  • Student includes all current student members of the University and includes visiting students under the supervision, direction and control of the University.
  • Cover is only provided for personal time when it is incidental to the University business trip and the traveller is returning from the same airport.

Plan the trip in accordance with the University Safety Office Overseas Travel and Safety in Fieldwork guidelines, Travel insurance cover depends on compliance with these guidelines and the advice given on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCDO) website. Country information should also be monitored whilst in country and changes made to the risk assessment should be reviewed with your department and the Safety Office where required.

If advice changes whilst away, contact your supervisor to review your plans and risk assessment and if premature departure is needed, you must contact the Emergency Assistance Provider (PDF).

Please ensure all travel documents are up to date (e.g.passport and visa etc) prior to travel.

The University’s travel policy includes cover for emergency medical expenses resulting from a pre-existing medical condition, however, cover will not operate in respect of journeys taken against the advice of a Qualified Medical Practitioner or where any existing medical condition is not under control and it is foreseeable that medical assistance may be needed on a journey.

It is strongly recommended that if you suffer from a pre-existing medical condition you visit your GP prior to travelling in order to check that you are fit to travel and undertake the duties intended.This will ensure that in the event of a claim, evidence is available to confirm you were not travelling against medical advice and that any existing medical conditions were considered under control at the start of your Journey.

An EHIC/GHIC card should be obtained by travellers prior to travelling to the European Union (EU).
The EHIC is being replaced by the GHIC (Global Health Insurance Card) which gives you the right to access state-provided healthcare during a temporary stay in the EU. Please note having an EHIC Card will not provide a full range of medical cover or repatriation costs due to a medical condition and it is therefore always recommended that full Travel Insurance is also taken in addition to maintain complete cover. 
The card is free of charge and can be obtained by following this link - Apply for a free GHIC card

Please check your eligibility and relevant application process so you can allow sufficient time for the GHIC card to arrive prior to your travel.
If an EHIC/GHIC Card is refused as payment by a hospital - do not offer your credit/debit card as payment, but immediately contact the emergency provider, who will be able to provide the promise of payment or direct you to a hospital/clinic who will accept such proof of reciprocal arrangement. 

We strongly advise you do not take valuables or items of sentimental value unless you are not worried about them being lost or stolen. Please also think of the threat to personal safety where items of value are worn.

The University’s Expenses Policy should be followed when arranging travel: https://finance.admin.ox.ac.uk/expenses

You can apply for the University Travel Insurance or register your travel details by completing the online application form at https://travelinsurance.admin.ox.ac.uk/ . You will need an SSO to access the system. If you do not have an SSO, your application can be completed on your behalf by someone else.

Insurance should be applied for at the time of booking your trip to make sure cancellation cover is in place.

We strongly recommend that you still register your trip details using the online form even if the University Travel Insurance is not required. This can be done by selecting 'I do not wish to apply for University insurance' on the first page.

Each trip outside of the UK needs to be registered on TIRS separately. 

Your approved risk assessment and any other supporting documentation should be uploaded as part of the online application process.

Your department will refer your application to the Insurance Office if any of the referral criteria applies in order to arrange cover.  Please allow six weeks for travel referrals to be completed.

Your department will either approve your application or contact you via the online system if they have any further queries. Please note that the cover is not in place until it has been approved by the department's travel insurance administration team. 

Print the following documents before travelling: 

For trips commencing prior to 1st August 2023

For trips commencing on or after 1st August 2023

It is also a good idea to print off a copy of your confirmation email.


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  • Sports clubs must be registered with the Sports Federation and non-sports clubs or societies must be registered with the Proctors' Office.
  • Proctors Rules for Non-Sports Clubs will apply  (Rules Committee Regulations 1 of 2017 Part 1 Rule 1.11 items k and l) - in that only a maximum of 1/5 (one fifth) or 20% (twenty percent) of registered non-sports club or society members who are not part of the University (subject to the criteria stated), will be eligible for travel insurance through Oxford.
  • Outside of this criteria all non-university persons, must make their own insurance arrangements.

University sport clubs need to plan the trip in accordance with the University's Sports Safety guidelines.  All other University registered clubs and societies need to plan the trip in accordance with the University Safety Office guidlines.  Please therefore contact the Safety Office for further information. Travel insurance cover depends on compliance with the advice given on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website.

Once your trip has been approved and you have made your booking, travel insurance can be arranged. Each member requiring travel insurance must complete and sign a Travel insurance application form.

Insurance should be applied for at the time of booking your trip to make sure cancellation cover is in place.

Send your approved risk assessment and travel insurance application forms to the Insurance Office, together with one Club cheque for the total premium payable (£18 per insured person) payable to "Oxford Mutual Ltd". If a transfer is preferrable then please request an invoice from the Insurance Office. Payment must be made in order for cover to apply and this evidence of this payment is required when making a claim. 

Print the following documents before travelling:

For trips commencing prior to 1st August 2023

For trips commencing on or after 1st August 2023

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