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University Travel Insurance - Introduction

Provision of University travel insurance is in accordance with the University policy on travel (latest policy 01/08/2022).

Activation of the insurance cover requires an approved application (submitted via TIRS unless otherwise indicated) and is subject to compliance with University policies and the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. Please see the Cover Information and Exclusion page for up-to-date policy cover information.  

Travel trips must also be arranged in line with current government advice. Please see the Safety Office website for their guidelines regarding Overseas Travel and Fieldwork.-

Security Subcommittee Statement:

University staff and students undertake many thousands of overseas trips per year on University business, many to high risk areas of the world. The University has a statutory duty of care to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the health and safety of its staff and students whilst they are undertaking activities on behalf of the University. The information held in TIRS will enable the University to locate and contact travellers quickly and effectively in response to a crisis event (e.g. terrorist attack, hurricane, volcano, etc.) and provide the immediate support that staff and students working or studying overseas might require.

The University’s Security Subcommittee therefore strongly supports the use of TIRS for registering overseas travel for University business in all cases (even where University insurance is not being applied for) and urges departments to remind staff and students of the importance of registering their details.

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