Cover Information and Exclusions


The highlighted cover information and exclusions below are not an exhaustive list.

This should be read in conjunction with the additional information provided across the insurance webpages, together with the Confirmation and Summary of Cover document for the applicable policy year.

Cover for Cancellation due to COVID19/Coronavirus

Coronavirus clause on the 21/22 policy was removed for the 2022-23 policy year.  As such Covid19 (Coronavirus) is covered as an illness going forward.

However, there is an expectation from our Travel Insurers that all policyholder insureds (University business travellers) will mitigate financial risks via flexible booking arrangements where possible. 

This approach is encouraged and will be in line with the new University Travel Policy which also comes into effect from 01/08/22.  Flexible bookings can reduce or even eliminate potential cancellation costs and can form part of overall decision-making regarding travel trips.  Travel Policy | Staff Gateway (

Conference and Event Group Travel Clause:

The Cancellation, Curtailment, change of itinerary, Rearrangement and Replacement element of the policy, will not operate as a result of any cancellation of an event, conference or convention hosting in excess of 10 Insured Persons, where the cancellation is instigated by the event organiser or as the result of any regulation imposed by any public authority or government (whether the Government is located in the departure country, destination country or Country of Residence).

University Insurance Department Terms:

In any event, cover will only be provided if the University’s policies and procedures are followed.

  • Worldwide cover
  • Unlimited travel period
  • Cover for pre-existing medical conditions is included provided the guidance on arranging insurance is followed.
  • Cover is only provided for personal time when it is incidental to the University business trip and the traveller is returning from the same airport 
  • The University does not prohibit the use of Airbnb; the risks related to the accommodation should be assessed in the usual way.
  • Departmental/University assets are not covered under this policy - Please see the following guidance:
  • Personal items valued at £500 or above must be declared on your application for cover to be in force. 
  • High value personal items, not classed as everyday belongings, will not be covered. Individuals should arrange their own personal insurance for such items.
  • Personal items whilst travelling in your home country are only covered where travel is outside of your home overnight and where they are not covered under your home insurance cover.
  • Carrying large amounts of cash outside the UK is discouraged, however, where there is no alternative, cover for personal cash can be included. This is subject to appropriate and adequate risk assessments having been completed and cash being specified on the insurance application form where £500 or more is being taken.
  • Please note, travel insurance claims will be paid in accordance with the University Expenses Principles and therefore the University’s Expenses Policy should be followed when arranging travel:
  • The Cancellation, Curtailment, Change of itinerary, Rearrangement and Replacement element of the policy
    • 2021/22 - will not operate in relation to Covid-19 losses.
    • 2022/23 - will not operate as a result of any cancellation of an event, conference or convention hosting in excess of 10 Insured Persons
  • The standard policy excess of £50 per person (increased to £100 when travelling for more than 364 days).
  • Recreational travel which falls outside of incidental personal time 
  • Costs incurred due to an airline or carrier entering into administration or liquidation.
  • Cover for family members.
  • Travelling against the advice of a qualified medical practitioner or occupational health.
  • Departmental contents i.e. departmentally owned equipment/laptops.
  • When travelling to your home country, emergency repatriation, cancellation cover and medical expenses (where you are eligible for state health care).
  • Any loss incurred as a result of travel documents/visas not being issued in time.
  • Routine medical examinations, including vaccinations and the issue of medical certificates.
  • Any expenses or losses which are recoverable from any private medical insurance policy.

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