UO GL Employee Profile report

Why run this report?

  • For identifying whether information about staff that are joining and leaving is accurate.
  • For viewing the gross amount spent on individual staff salaries for the 12 calendar months in the current academic year.

When should you run this report?

This report is recommended for your month end preparation and closure.

How to run this report

Select the following parameters:

uo gl employee profile

Which outputs are available for this report?

•    Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.
•    Excel Template - a printable and emailable format that can be edited.  This includes the Excel output for FSG reports.

Which roles have access to this report?

  • GL Concurrent Program Group
  • UO GL Fin Rep Reports
  • UO GL Div Fin Reports
  • UO GL Dept Reports - Sal
  • OSPS GL Dept Reports – Sal

Hints and Tips

This report is intended as a management report for senior managers and non-accounting administrators. It contains personal, confidential data and is therefore restricted to the Cost Centres to which the individual running this report has access to.

This report does not currently include GL Journals posted to the salary Natural Account codes or externally-funded staff costs which are coded to projects.

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