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These pages have been designed to support the technical staff at the University in their support of Oracle Financials. Any input from departmental IT staff would be greatly appreciated. Please don't hesitate to contact the Financial Systems Customer Services.

PC set up for R12

Browser and Excel Settings
For JRE to work correctly, you will need to ensure the Javascript settings are enabled within your preferred browser. The security setting "automatic prompting for file downloads" also needs to be enabled in order to be able to view in Ghostscript and export reports to Excel from Internet Explorer. Finally, pop up blockers should be disabled, or enabled allowing access to *

You may also want to check the following document, which shows how to set the security/trusted sites settings for reports and WebADI (for journal uploading) to run.

Workstation Hardware
Oracle Financials is not demanding of PCs in terms of local CPU processing or networks in terms of bandwidth loading. If the PC runs Microsoft Office with no problems then it should also be able to run Oracle Financials.

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