Technical Support

These pages have been designed to provide technical support for working with Oracle Financials and SplashBI. Please don't hesitate to contact the Financial Systems Customer Services should you have questions.

Oracle Financials Recommended Browser

Microsoft Edge (Chromium) is the recommended browser for Oracle Financials R12.2 at the University of Oxford. Oracle supports all supported versions of the major browsers. However due to differences in the way browsers handle Java, minor differences in functionality may occur, especially with personalised and customised areas of Oracle. We are working to reduce the number of customisations, however if any browser related issues are found we recommend reverting to the current version of Edge and Java supported by the Desktop Services team, detailed on their website Applications on the managed staff desktop | IT Help (

If you are having difficulties using Oracle Financials or SplashBI within Microsoft Edge, please refer to the following document: How do I configure my Edge browser for Oracle and SplashBI

Resetting your internet browser

Periodic clearing of your browser cookie and cache settings benefits the usability of Oracle Financials Please go to the following link where you will find instructions on how to do this: How to reset your internet browser.

Excel settings for R12 related templates and reports

In order to view and/or process Templated Financial Reports (TFRs), journal templates, SplashXL and More4Apps content in Excel, it may be necessary to update some settings in your desktop version of Excel. Instructions can be found here: Excel Settings for R12 reports

If you use journal templates then you need to add the URL (web address) for Oracle Financials to your list of trusted internet sites. Instructions can be found here: Adding Oracle Financials to Trusted Sites

Java Web Start

If you are having issues running Java from within Oracle Financials, please speak to your local IT support in the first instance.

You can still benefit from configuring Java Web Start to open more than one form in your session however, details of which can be found in the following document:  Enabling Multiple Java Form Sessions in R12

Using other browsers

We recommend that you use Microsoft Edge to work with Oracle Financials.  Oracle supports other browsers, but the Finance Division does not have sufficient resource to support these. If you choose to use another browser, please note the points above. For example, you will need to enable pop-ups and ensure you can open java forms.

Workstation Hardware

Oracle Financials is not demanding of PCs in terms of local CPU processing or networks in terms of bandwidth loading. If you have any questions regarding hardware compatibility in relation to Oracle Financials, please contact your local IT team in the first instance.

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