Prepaid Card

For individuals travelling overseas on University business, the Cashiers can arrange to issue a Prepaid Visa Card in advance. This is subject to the usual guidelines for advances as published in the University's Expenses Guidance. Consideration should be given to Insurance arrangements and a Risk Assessment undertaken. A minimum of 7 working days' notice is required for issuing a card. The Prepaid Card Application form  should be completed and submitted to the Cashiers.

Prepaid cards may also be available for other purposes. Please speak to Cashiers if you feel a Prepaid card would meet your department's needs. 

Please also use the Advance Request Form - Cash or Prepaid Card giving full details of amount(s) required, together with reasons for the order and a breakdown of anticipated expenditure. On return from the trip, a reconciliation must be completed and sent to the Cashiers, in accordance with the Prepaid card process.

Guidance regarding card security should always be considered when holding a Prepaid Card.



Funds provided in advance should only be used for the purposes outlined on the Advances Request Form and must conform to the principles and rules as specified in the Expenses Guidance. Only one advance may be provided at a time, which must be fully reconciled and closed before a new advance may be requested.

Where a reconciliation and a further advance request form is submitted for a Cardholder, we require a minimum of 5 working days to complete the reconciliation and action the new request. This is subject to the correct information being provided and relevant forms having been duly authorised.



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