Liability Insurance

With all legal liability insurances cover operates only for those acts or omissions for which there is a liability at law.


Legal requirements for liability insurances differ for staff based overseas. In order to arrange insurance to suit the relevant country's legal requirements please contact the Insurance Office. 


If you think that a claim, summons or legal correspondence concerning the above could potentially arise after an event, you should contact the Insurance Office or Legal Services Office immediately.

To support the Insurance Office with the claims process, we ask that departments

  • Carry out prompt accident investigation (PDF)
  • Forward details of any claim or potential claim to the Insurance Office immediately.
  • Provide all relevant documentation and assist with the claim investigation process to enable the Insurance Office to comply with the timeframes set down by the Civil Procedure Rules timeframes.
  • Do not respond to any claim including acknowledgement
  • Do not admit liability for any incident
  • Do not provide any documentation to the claimant or their representative


There is no excess payable under the Public, Products or Employers' Liability covers.

An excess of £2,500 applies in respect of any Professional Indemnity claim, payable by the department concerned.

Claims Portal: Important Information for Claimant Solicitors

The University of Oxford expects that all related notification of claims from Solicitors or Claimant Representatives will be by means of an electronic Claim Notification Form (CNF) submitted direct to its Insurer through the portal. The following information is provided to assist you in submitting public and employers liability claims directly via the portal:

Public Liability & Employers Liability insurance provider:-

Zurich Municipal Insurance

Zurich Municipal Claims
PO Box 3310
Royal Wootten Bassett

Policy No: NHE-18CA04-0023

Portal Compensator ID: C00108  


Registration of drones

Information on the registration and training requirements for operating and flying drones in the UK can be found at the University Safety Office website.

Use of drones by the University

Liability cover is available, upon application, for the use of drones and unmanned aerial vehicles, on University business, as follows:

  • Liability cover for unmanned aerial vehicles up to 20kg in weight excluding fuel but inclusive of any articles or equipment installed in or attached to the vehicle at the commencement of flight. Subject to the operator complying with all legislation and licensing regulations.
  • In respect of any Injury, damage or financial loss sustained in connection with unmanned aerial vehicles the limit of indemnity provided is £5,000,000.
  • Requests for cover should be submitted to the University Insurance Team. Please note full details of the vehicle and activity will be required along with a copy of a detailed risk assessment, approved by the University Safety Office.

Use of drones by a third party

In order to consider the use of drones by a third party in or around University buildings or at University organised events, the department should

  • Provide the University Insurance Team with a detailed risk assessment as well as confirmation that all requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority are complied with.
  • Provide evidence of the operator’s liability insurance specifically for the flying of drones (standard public liability insurance does not always include such cover). A minimum £10 million limit of indemnity is required. 


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