Delegation of authority

The University is a highly devolved organisation and to enable it to function effectively a significant level of authority is delegated to heads of units (such as divisions, departments, faculties and schools) as set out in the Financial Regulations. Heads of units can delegate this authority to others within the unit.

These pages give information about how to arrange key delegations including links to the teams responsible for managing these delegations. We hope this will form a useful checklist of key delegations to consider on appointment of a new head of unit or head of administration or other staff changes.

Managing delegation of authority

There are two tasks involved in managing delegations of authority:
The practical aspects of putting a delegation of authority in place, for example, submission of a form. 



Each unit is responsible for maintaining a register of delegations of authority. This should be regularly reviewed (at least annually) and updated in a timely manner as part of the processes for managing starters, leavers and other changes.