Casual Payment Process



Short-term or ad hoc ‘casual workers’ are paid in arrears by BACS transfer directly into the individual’s bank account, following receipt by Payroll of a Casual Payment Submission Spreadsheet (XLS) submitted by a member of the departmental administrative/HR team.  

The period of engagement for a casual worker should not exceed 12 weeks (or one calendar year in the case of casual teachers).  If the period of engagement is expected to exceed this, the individual should be employed on a University contract of employment.  Refer to HR Support guidance for more information. 

Casual workers are subject to the same immigration and right to work checks as regular employees.  For more information, refer to the Staff Immigration guidance on Right to Work. 

Guidance on casual worker records in the University's HR System, is available on the HR Systems website


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You should submit payments for hours claimed on the Casual Payment Submission Spreadsheet 


Please check that the casual worker has a valid right to work record in People Management before submitting the spreadsheet, otherwise payment could be withheld.


Managers must follow their department’s procedure to notify their administration/HR team of a casual leaver. Departments should then close down the record in People Management in the payroll month of their final payment. The final payment must be processed through payroll before the casual is made a leaver. Follow guidance on the HR Systems website.

Payroll will issue the casual worker/teacher with a P45 once the record has been ended. P45s will be sent to the home address recorded in the system at the time of closure. It is essential that these addresses are confirmed with the worker as their current home address. The P45 will be required by the worker to present to their next employer.

The Payroll office manages over 4,000 active individual records every year. We are required to issue a P60 (certificate of earnings in the tax year) to all individuals whose record is "live" at the end of each tax year. The University is charged for each P60 printed so to keep this extra cost to a minimum it is essential that dormant records are closed.

The Staff Immigration Team (SIT) monitor the presence and accuracy of right to work data in the University's HR System, as well as weekly working hours for Tier 4 workers.  In certain circumstances where there are outstanding queries about an individual's right to work details, the SIT will instruct Payroll to withhold payment.  The payment(s) will be deleted from the pay run. Once the query has been resolved and the SIT has confirmed that payment can be made, a new payment sheet will need to be submitted by the next casual payroll deadline.  See the Casual Payment Process Monthly Timeline (PDF) which shows when during the month you may be contacted with queries from Payroll and the Staff Immigration Team.

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