Budgeting and Forecasting Tool

Key points about the BFT

  • Solution for building financial budgets and forecasts
  • Covers Income and Expenditure statement and detailed Payroll costs
  • Authorised users  can access BFT via the sidebar links to the right 
  • Please see BFT Help links below

The BFT upgrade (September/October 2019) has been completed, providing improved features and a quicker, more reliable system, ready for use in time for Q1 Forecast of 2019/20. Upgrade training for users was delivered at the same time.

We are planning further "New BFT User" training to take place during January 2020. (To be available for booking from late November 2019)


BFT Help:-

Upgrade Training Hints and Tips (PDF) 6-page Refresher Training handout showing toolbar icon changes, plus Hints & Tips

All BFT Training Exercises (PDF) 9-page exercise pack from New User Training

BFT Training How-To clips showing how to carry out key Navigation, Payroll and I&E tasks

BFT Frequently asked Questions (FAQs) 

BFT Issues and Tips - updates on BFT issues and help to get around them

BFT Glossary - terms and their meaning (as used when discussing the BFT)


Top Tips!

1. Error when accessing Summary of Employees


2. If you can't edit Employee details for your payroll codes:

  • there's a current issue temporarily preventing access to Employee cost code combos to which a payroll journal has just been posted. The "lock" should clear overnight, so try accessing the codes again the following day
  • alternatively, if you have the "minority" FTE (i.e. less than 50%), you can't amend Grade/Stage or Pension, but you should be able to edit FTEs and "Other" items




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