UO Incomplete Invoices/Sales Transactions

Why run this report?

  • For identifying incomplete invoices which have not been interfaced into Accounts Receivable or the General Ledger.  Incomplete invoices and credit notes also cannot be printed.
  • For ensuring that open Accounts Receivable balances are updated in readiness for when the aging reports are run.
  • For maximising revenue by verifying that all planned billing has been completed and posted to the department's General Ledger for the current month.

When should you run this report?

This report is recommended for your month end preparation and closure.

How to run this report

Select the following parameters:

uo incomplete invoices listing

Which outputs does this report have?

  • Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.

An output example is available for this report: Report output example: UO Incomplete Invoices/Sales Transactions (PDF)

Which roles have access to this report?

  • XX Receivables
  • UO Credit Control - Central Team
  • UO Credit Control - Collector
  • UO Receivables X

 Hints and Tips

If all invoicing has been completed correctly, this report should return 0 rows.

For a full list of sales transactions including credit memos and on account credits please use either the UO Transaction Details or the UO Sales Transaction Summary report

If you find that you cannot run this report, firstly check that you have the correct responsibility, and that you have entered the report name correctly as shown in the section How to run this report.

All AR Invoice/Credit Note have to be completed or voided prior to the AR period closed, therefore please do not run this report for a closed period as it will always return zero rows.

If you are still experiencing a problem or the report is not giving you the expected output, please contact the Financials Helpdesk using the details below.

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