Recurring Invoice Payments

There may be situations in which repeat payments are required, including repeat payments to students or other individuals that do not need to be processed via the payroll or regular payments of a fixed value to suppliers and other bodies. These can be set up as recurring invoices.

Recurring invoices are payable on a monthly or quarterly basis and last for one calendar year only (a maximum of 12 monthly or four quarterly payments).

Please note that recurring invoices are not available where only one or two payments are required.

The Recurring Invoice Payment Request Form (XLS) form must be completed for each new set of payments, appropriately authorised, then forwarded to the Finance Division's Payments Team for action.

One calendar month should be allowed between the date of request and the due date of the first payment. Where this is not possible, the initial payment should be made as a Payment Request and the Recurring Invoice Payment Request form sent for future payments.

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