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The University insures its pressure vessels and lifting equipment, and the Insurer undertakes the mandatory inspections and certification of such items in order to comply with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) regulations.

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Please see the following HSE guides for pressure vessel regulations and lifting equipment regulations.

Zurich Municipal insures and inspects all items requiring certification under LOLER/PUWER regulations for lifting equipment and pressure vessels.  Zurich Municipal's online database of inspection items is called Crimson and it records information and certificates for all items currently inspected.

The Compliance Team in Estates Services can arrange access to Crimson for individuals that need to view inspection reports and certificates.  Please contact the Compliance Team in Estates Services advising which items you require access to - you will need to provide the three digit building number associated with the lift/lifting gear or pressure vessel.

Once you have log-in details for Crimson, you can access the site here.  It is recommended that you complete the online training in order to use the system.

For any additions or deletions of items, please contact the Compliance Team in Estates Services.

The following insurance documents contain other useful information:

If you have a fire protection system impairment whether it be to the fire alarm system or sprinkler system, please contact It is a condition of our insurance that we advise our insurers of any impairments.

There is also a Zurich Risk Topic on Fixed Fire Protection and Impairments .

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