Buildings Insurance

Cover is arranged through the University's Insurance Office in liaison with Estates Services.

Appropriate security precautions should be taken at all times, as advised by Oxford University Security Services and the Insurance Office.

*** For temporary building closures in relation to the current Coronavirus situation, please refer to Zurich's website for guidance ***

Their latest guidance document can be found by clicking here .

When a building becomes unoccupied there is an increased risk of incidents occurring and damage going undiscovered through for example breaches in security, theft, arson, flooding (e.e. burst pipes) etc. As a result the Insurance Office is required to notify the Insurer of all property unoccupied for a period of 30 days or more. In addition the University's property insurance policy includes a clause detailing requirements that must be met in the event that a property is unoccupied.

Cover will not operate in the event of an incident if notification of the unoccupied building is not provided to the Insurance Office or if any of the requirements are not met.

Please see the following documents for further information:

Notification should be made to the Insurance Office of all new buildings purchased or constructed, with details of the insurance replacement value.

Notification should be made to the Insurance Office of all capital refurbishment projects prior to commence in order for insurance cover to be arranged for the works.

Notification should then be made to the Insurance Office of the completion of the works with details of the revised insurance replacement value.

The University Insurer provides documents setting out requirements and guidance on a variety of topics.  For further information, please contact the Insurance Office.

The University Insurer Zurich Municipal design requirements for the protection of buildings: Zurich Building Design Guide (PDF)

Property considerations for the peril of fire.

Summary of Insurer Requirements

If you have a fire protection system impairment whether it be to the fire alarm system or sprinkler system, please notify the Insurance Office at

We have a duty to advise our insurers of any impairments and failure to do so may result in no insurance cover.

There is a Zurich Risk Topic on Fixed Fire Protection and Impairments  which explains more on the subject.