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Requesting access

Before you start

It is good practice to start by thinking about what tasks or activities each person needs to perform. Access should be considered on a case by case basis, reflecting the specific duties of the individual, rather than based on another person’s access.

Taking this approach enables departments to ensure that access is managed in line with the two principles:

  • Access must only be granted to those that need it (and removed as soon as it is not needed).
  • Access must be limited to the minimum needed to deliver the role, including appropriate approval and journal limits. Edit access should only be granted where the user needs to carry out transaction activity; otherwise enquiry (read-only) access should be used.

To help with this:

  • Guidance of which roles to request is available based on what users need to do. 
  • Additional guidance on which activities are available to which role can be found in the Activities by Role document.
  • The Guide to the Purchasing Position Hierarchy may also help in determining the correct position in the purchasing hierarchy.
  • You can request an up to date schematic drawing of your purchasing hierarchies and/or General Ledger (GL) journal supervisors and limits hierarchies from FSSC.

Note: the team have to put these diagrams together manually so please allow sufficient time when requesting these.


    When requesting access, segregation of duties should also be considered. This is a key principle of financial control aiming to reduce the risk of error and fraud by breaking down processes so that no single person is responsible for every stage. Requests for access creating conflicts (such as self-approval of purchase requisitions) are flagged to Financial Assurance who will contact the department to discuss these and the alternative access options available. Ultimately Director of Finance approval is needed before this access will be granted.

    Requesting access to Oracle Financials

    To request access, the online service request Oracle R12 User Access form should be completed. This can be done by the person requesting access, their line manager, the department’s finance team, or by the department’s authorised signatory for Oracle access. This form can be used to:

    • Request access for a new user – this may be a new starter resulting from a change of responsibilities for an existing staff member.

    To speed up the set up process access can be requested for new starters at the University before they are in post. This means that their account will be set up in advance. Whilst access is not released until training is complete, training courses for new starters can also be booked in advance by emailing the training team so these are scheduled for when the new starter arrives.

    Note: Limiting access to University members only

    To ensure access is only granted to Oracle Financials for members of the University, the following are required before access will be granted:

    • Oxford Username (Single Sign On) - created when a University Card is requested;
    • CoreHR number - this applies to all users, including students and temporary staff.
    • Request changes to access for an existing user - see maintaining access.
    • Reinstate Oracle access for a returning user - if a user has previously had an Oracle Financials account please select the “Reinstate Oracle R12 access for a returning user”.

    Please note access requests are valid for three months from submission before being cancelled, if the relevant training is not comleted within this time another request form will need to be submitted.

    For additional help on completing the form, please see the How to guidance on completing the form.

    Tip: Include requesting Oracle access in your department's HR process for new starters


    Approval of the request

    An appropriate authorised signatory for Oracle access from the department should be selected from the drop-down list. Please note that it is advisable to seek divisional approval for Head of Administration and Finance access. 

    Tip: Drop-down list returns all authorised signatories and will not scroll

    If the drop-down list returns all authorised signatories for Oracle access, including those outside your department you will need to clear your web browser's cache and restart the request.

    If the problem persists, or you need advice on how to do this, please contact the FSSC Helpdesk .


    The authoriser receives email notification when the form is submitted, and should review, consider and approve the request if appropriate. This submits the form to the Financial Services Support Centre (FSSC) team.

    Upon receipt of the approved Oracle R12 User Access form, the FSSC will check the form, and, if necessary, contact the department to follow up any queries before creating the new account.

    Note: Training and access requests creating conflicts

    • Training must be completed before access is released;
    • Requests creating conflicts (e.g. ability to breach segregation of duties) will require Director of Finance approval and compensating controls must be in place.


    Access requests are managed via a series of forms:

    Oracle R12 Add New Shopper

    Use this form to:

    • add up to five users to Oracle who only require shopper or reviewer access (UO iProcurement – Shopper, £0.01p & UO iProcurement – Reviewer £0.02p)

    Oracle R12 User Access Form

    Use this form to:

    • request access to Oracle R12 for a new user
    • request access for an existing user changing department or team
    • request additional access, or amend existing access, for a user
    • reinstate Oracle R12 access for a returning user
    • amend or remove an end date on a temporary Oracle R12 account for an existing user - e.g. TSS staff or fixed term contractors
    • remove a user from Oracle R12 - e.g. leaver; temporary removal for maternity leave or long term sickness

    Authorised Signatory and User Reports Form 

    Use this form to:

    • add yourself as an Authorised Signatory
    • remove yourself as an Authorised Signatory
    • change your authorisation level
    • request/remove access to user reports

    Tip: How to add access to user reports only

    To add user reports only select "add yourself as an authorised signatory" and on the next page select "no authorisation - UO User Access Reports only".



    Additional Reporting Tools Access Request form 

    Use this form to:

    • request access to XL Connect reporting tool
    • request access to the User Access Dashboard
    • request access to the Month-End Dashboard
    • request access to Budget and Forecasting Tool

    If you require further assistance please contact the FSSC .

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    If you have any training requirements, please log into 


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