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 Cvent is a market leading cloud-based event management platform, which provides a range of tools to enable event organisers to plan their events, engage attendees, accept online registrations and payments, and improve process efficiency.



This is available in addition to existing facilities provided via the Online Store and DARS/Blackbaud, and is particularly useful in managing larger and/or more complex events.

Features and benefits of the system include:

  • PCI DSS and GDPR compliance – Cvent have been through the University’s rigorous security screening process
  • Privacy statements that mirror the University’s requirements (unlike a number of the ‘free’ offerings that are often used, where customer data is used for marketing purposes).
  • A full range of reporting plus the ability to create customised reports
  • Personalisation of the ‘front end’ web page for your event
  • A sophisticated approach which can accommodate the more complex events
  • The ability to manage events efficiently, in one place
  • The ability to create an attractive and professional, public facing, web-page for your event
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Use of the system is not free, and will be charged, typically on a per registrant basis, dependent on the size and nature of the event. Where registrations are chargeable, there is also a cost, based on turnover, to take credit/debit card fees. This generally equates to approximately 1.5% on turnover but can vary. The package we have purchased includes a Licence Fee plus a specified number of registrations. Any ‘extras’ required from Cvent such as abstract uploads, use of their CrowdCompass App, and building events for departments will all incur a further charge to the department.  Most departments will be able to ‘build their own’ events in the system, subject to training.

To find out more, contact the Cashiers.

To apply to use the Cvent system please complete an application form

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