Inc and Exp Sur(Def) CC YTD-RES (Archive)

Why run this report?

  • To list all the financial status of all your active Cost Centres within your department's accounts.

This report is used to provide a list of all Cost Centres within a specified Department or Division showing the breakdown between Actual Income and Expenditure, resulting in the Net Surplus / (Deficit) Year-To-Date (YTD), the YTD Budget and the variance against the YTD Actuals, the full year Budget and the Reserves brought forward and the Reserves carried forward within the General Ledger. This gives you an overview of the all the active Cost Centre results at a glance in order to review the financial status of your department.

When should you run this report?

Recommended monthly.

How to run this report

Report parameters:

Please be aware that the FSG report Inc & Exp Sur(Def) CC YTD-RES is more sensitive to the parameter settings you enter than most reports. To ensure that the correct reserves figures are returned:

  • Content Set – do not overwrite the default otherwise reserves will not be returned correctly;
  • Segment Override – enter your department code in the cost centre box and delete all other segments (except Future).

Once you have done this, the Submission Parameters should look like this:

gl 19 ie with reserves  inc exp surdef cc ytd res










Take care when printing the PDF outputs to ensure that you use the “Shrink Oversized Pages” option.

Which outputs does this report have?

•    Excel Template - a printable and emailable "templated" format that can be edited.
•    PDF - a printable and emailable format that cannot be edited.

Which roles have access to this report?

Everyone with access to the GL module can access FSG reports.

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