Asset Natural Accounts

Departments will gain visibility of the asset balance sheet codes in Oracle Financials.

Below are the various natural accounts that will be used in the capitalisation process:

Account type Natural Account Natural Account Description
Asset Cost  10101  Equipment
Asset Cost  10104  Vehicles
Asset Cost  10105  Major systems
Asset Cost  10213  Software licences
Asset Clearing  10107  Asset Clearing equipment
Asset Clearing  10108  Asset Clearing vehicles
Asset Clearing  10109  Asset Clearing major systems
Asset Clearing  10214  Asset Clearing software licences
Accumulated Depreciation  10301  Cuml Depreciation equipment
Accumulated Depreciation  10304  Cuml Depreciation vehicles
Accumulated Depreciation  10305  Cuml Depreciation major systems
Accumulated Depreciation  10313  Cuml Depreciation licences
Depreciation Expense  73803  Equipment depreciation
 Depreciation Expense  73813  Software licences depreciation


Useful Oracle Reports:

UO Trial Balance - Detail New
Enables review of GL actual account balances. For each account the report gives balance, period activity and ending balance.

UO GL Transaction Listing by Period - Cost Centre - Account
Listing of transactions within GL module for specified period.