Reports Disabled in UO Reports User

This page lists the reports which are now fully functioning in SplashBI but are either in the process of, or have been, disabled for users under the UO Reports User responsibility

  •     UO Actual Expenditure Inquiry
  •     UO AR Customer Listing
  •     UO AR Miscellaneous Receipts Register
  •     UO Draft Invoices Detail Report
  •     UO GL Chart of Account Listing
  •     UO GL Transaction Listing by Period- Cost Centre - Account
  •     UO Internal Invoice Details
  •     UO Internal Trade Purchase Orders
  •     UO Internal Trade Reconciliation - Purchase Orders
  •     UO Invoice Details
  •     UO PA Revenue for Exec Ed Programmes
  •     UO Payables Incomplete Transactions
  •     UO PO Required Date to Goods Receipt Date
  •     UO Project Budget Versions
  •     UO Project Commitments
  •     UO Projects Billing Activity
  •     UO Purchase Orders with Requisition Details
  •     UO Purchase Receipt Details
  •     UO Purchase Requisition Activity
  •     UO Receipt Register
  •     UO Recurring Invoice Report
  •     UO Supplier Listing
  •     UO Transaction Details Report
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