Inc and Exp - Curr Mth and YTD

Please note that if you want to produce an income and expenditure report for an academic’s specific cost centre without budget information, you will need to run the Inc & Exp Curr Mth YTD PI CC report. This will create an I&E account for the General Ledger postings to a research project if you enter a Segment Override of your departmental Research Projects cost centre, e.g. ZT9999. 

Why run this report?

  • For a summary of the income and expenditure transactions within the general ledger at mid level in order to assist with the review of the financial status of a cost centre, department, division etc.

This FSG report provides a detailed income and expenditure (I&E) at mid level, showing budget, actuals and the variance between them for the current period cumulative year-to-date. It also shows the current full year's budget.

How to run this report

Report parameters:

When running these reports, always use your departmental General Ledger responsibility and enter one of the following:

  • Content Set – this will give you an Excel worksheet per level selected, e.g. cost centre or cost centre parent.
  • Segment Override – this will return a single worksheet covering the segment you requested, e.g. a single cost centre, assuming that it does not compromise your security access.

Take care when printing the PDF outputs to ensure that you use the “Shrink Oversized Pages” option.

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Which outputs does this report have?

•    Excel - a simple list of data that can be filtered but has no totals.  
•    PDF - a printable and emailable format that cannot be edited.

Which roles have access to this report?

Everyone with access to the GL module can access FSG reports.

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