Claiming Expenses

Expenses going online

The University is moving from the paper expenses claim form to SAP Concur eExpenses for most expense claims. Social Sciences Division departments will be early adopters of eExpenses, to allow for a review before it is introduced more widely, with other departments and participating colleges being able to introduce it two weeks later and choosing exactly when to do so during the window until the current paper form is retired.  The project has encountered some technical issues integrating eExpenses with the existing University systems which has resulted in a delay in eExpenses going live. Dates will be confirmed and published here when known.



Claiming expenses

Claimants must provide the following information:

  • Personal details (name, address, bank details);
  • sufficient information about the reason for the claim e.g. purpose of journey.
  • If the expense was incurred in a foreign currency, evidence of the exchange rate used must be provided. Appropriate evidence includes:
    • confirmation of exchange rate on date of payment from an established source e.g.
    • evidence from bank, credit or charge card statement of actual rate of exchange.


All claims must be supported by evidence i.e. receipts or equivalent proof of purchase. Credit card slips or copies of bank statements alone are not normally considered to be as sufficient evidence to support a claim.


Some funders may require additional information e.g. a boarding pass.


Submission of a claim

Claims should be submitted as close as possible to the time of expenditure. Claims should be submitted within three months of the activity concluding or return from travel.

Declaration by claimant

In submitting an expense claim you are confirming that:
  • value for money was achieved;
  • it was not possible and/or practical for the University to pay directly;
  • the cost was incurred for business purposes only; and
  • only actual and evidenced costs are reclaimed.


Claims must be authorised by an appropriate Authorised Signatory. In no circumstances will self-authorised claims be paid.


If required, the budget holder, supervisor or principal investigator can give initial approval. This is a matter of departmental practice.


The Authorised Signatory is responsible for confirming:

  • each expense complies with the principles and requirements set out in this Policy and any additional requirements established by research or other external funders; the cost was incurred solely for business purposes; only actually and evidenced costs are reclaimed; and the claim is correct, and all receipts are attached;
  • budget is available;
  • coding is correct; and
  • tax implications have been considered and any appropriate actions taken to ensure that relevant items have been flagged to the Finance Division for the application of tax.

Payment instructions and claims must not be authorised by any member of staff junior to the person receiving payment unless either the signatory is defined in the following table or a separate, specific arrangement has been agreed in writing with the Director of Finance.

Claimant Authoriser
Head of Administration and Finance (or equivalent) Head of Department or any of the officers below
Head of Department (for claims exceeding £100)

Head of Division

Divisional Registrar

Divisional Financial Controller

Any of the officers below

Head of Division or Pro-Vice Chancellor

Director of Finance (or Divisional Financial Controller as their delegate)

Registrar (or Divisional Registrar as their delegate)

Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor Chairman of the Audit Committee


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